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Online Patient Portal


The Patient Portal is an online resource which allows patients to review medical records and test results after seeking care at Mission City Community Network Inc. The Portal provides a means for patients (and their approved family members) to securely view personal health information, download paperwork, and transmit to a secure third party like your primary care physician.

All of your personal health information is encrypted and stored securely. The patient portal abides by the HIPAA Security Rule requiring technical safeguards including access controls, encryption, and audit trails. 

Using the Patient Portal is a great way to be an involved participant in your healthcare team.

How Do I Sign Up?


At registration, staff will ask for a personal email address which will be the initial step in setting you up for the patient portal. If you do not have an email address, you can set up a free account on services like Gmail.com, Outlook.com, or Yahoo.com. 

Next, check your email for a message from

MDRPortal@medstech.com containing a link to register and create a password. Your password must include at least 6 characters.

Once you are registered, you may access the patient portal directly at https://web.mdronline.net/Portal 

The “Summary Documents” will list the patient’s entire plan of medical care for each clinical visit. No one is able to view these records unless specifically authorized by the patient. You may also access your lab results, medication list, allergies, appointment schedule, immunizations, and diagnosis list together with patient education materials.


Can Others View My Info?


You are the only person authorized to view your medical information from the Portal unless you authorize another representative or family member to view this information. You may authorize others to access your medical records through the Portal by clicking Portal Access and then clicking permit access and entering the information of the party you are adding as a delegate. You may revoke this access at any time.

Just remember that once you authorize this person to review your medical records, they have access to all future medical visits unless you revoke it, as you are responsible for adding or revoking access to your patient portal information.

You may also download copies of your medical

Information to share your summary of care, medication lists, and test results with your caretaker or primary care physician. Some providers are set up with a certified direct message address which would allow you to securely e-mail a copy of this information to your healthcare provider.

What If I Need Assistance?

 ​Patients may choose to access the portal prior to leaving the clinic, where guidance and support is still available to you. Speak with your medical assistant if you’re interested in reviewing the Portal before you leave the clinic. If you have questions about the Portal once you are at home, call the clinic at 818-895-3100 and we will direct you to the proper department. 

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